Group Seed: The Authentic Human Mystic Fortune Cookie Sodality.

Authentic Human Mystic Fortune Cookie Sodality

Location: Bayonne, New Jersey, United States of North America, Terra

Purpose: Fortune cookie manufacture for the interstellar trade, with a sideline in guaranteed human arcane hokum and pseudoscience.

…Well, they’re not hurting anybody.

That’s the argument and/or rationalization usually made by the Terran branch of the Authentic Human Mystic Fortune Cookie Sodality (the AHMFCS does not represent itself as a religious organization under Terran law, is not associated with any Terran or offworld religious or metaphysical organization [particularly including the Roman Catholic Church], and should be considered a for-profit business corporation under Terran law. Monetary contributions or other considerations made to the AHMFCS are not considered tax deductible under Terran law). They just make the cookies.  And, yes, the company has a variety of pamphlets and other media materials in a variety of standard Galactic languages that can be purchased for entertainment purposes only.  


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