Agent Coulson to be in Avengers TV series!


Clark Gregg, who played the dutiful S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in summer blockbuster “The Avengers,” will appear in Joss Whedon’s upcoming ABC TV pilot about the secret government agency.

I know what some of you are thinking (but will not write, because of SPOILERS); to which I reply, Screw that.  Nodwick’s right: this is why Coulson’s the dude.

This is not going to be the most egregious thing ever explained away in comic book-land, frankly.  It’s not even going to be in the top thousand, so there.


Movie of the Week: The Avengers.

Two reasons: first, The Avengers is coming out tomorrow on DVD.

Second: Shawarma.

And so, so long to The Secret of Kells. It had a good run.

Moe Lane


#rsrh Announcing the Cunning Hat Initiative. #firefly #browncoats #tcot

The Avengers’ 200 million dollar opening this weekend is… well, it’s a thing.  So much of a thing that it caused Jonah Goldberg to tweet “So, now that Joss Whedon is Hollywoods’s master now, can he please bring back Firefly?”  Which is a darn good question.

Now, here’s the thing: I know things.  For example, I know what the actual percentage of secret geeks is in politics, and it’s higher than you might think.  I know it because people sidle up to me at political events and admit, yeah, they read comic books/game/play online RPGs/watch shows like Firefly.  And I also know that Firefly resonates with people on my side of the political spectrum – much to Joss Whedon’s own bemusement, reportedly.




#rsrh QotD, ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Edition.

From this review of The Avengers*:

Who Would Win In A Fight: Thor Or The Hulk? Look, I’m a busy man; I don’t have time for this geek crap. And Hulk is the strongest there is.

Guess we know which comic books Pete Vonder Haar read, growing up.

Moe Lane

*From what I’m hearing, Joss Whedon is looking good for having Hollywood bankroll whatever the heck he feels like directing next.  But… from what I’ve seen, you get one Golden Ticket per mega hit, Joss.  Spend it wisely.

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