So, is Nick Cage doing ‘The Colour Out of Space,’ or not?

I saw it referenced in Facebook, but when I looked around for the original story it had been deleted.  Which is weird, because if the story had turned out to be false, why not just update it?  And, for the record: if there’s anybody who can play somebody slowly going nuts from being in contact with an alien colour… out of space… it’s Nick Cage.  I’d watch it, I surely would.


@HPLHS giving away “The Color Out of Space” audiobook today.

Note, not the DART.



Man, adapting “The Colour Out of Space” would be tough.

I mean, I’m glad that somebody’s trying to adapt HP Lovecraft’s classic science fiction/horror story for the big screen, but it’s not the easiest story to show over the course of an hour and a half. It would have made a perfect Twilight Zone episode, or maybe a radio program, but there’s a distinct lack of physical action in the story. Which is fine for horror! In fact, it’s one of the things that makes “The Colour Out of Space” such a great story; the ‘monster’ is right there, right out in the open, and nobody can do anything about it.

But that’s hard to pull off in a visual medium; at least, it’s hard to sustain. You can get a half hour of good footage out of it, sure. But if you wanted to make a movie… then what do you do?

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Moe Lane

PS: That’s how HPL spelled it.

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