“Why Are Americans Ignoring Trevor Noah?” …Is this a trick question?

The answer is actually fairly simple, contra Slate. In 2012 The Daily Show skewed 10% Republican, 41% Independent, 45% Democratic; or, if you prefer… 14% conservative, 42% moderate, 43% liberal.  I’m going to hence go out on a limb here and suggest that say that the Daily Show caters to a distinctly left-leading audience.  And from there it’s obvious: liberals don’t groove as much on the show because its new host Trevor Noah is a black dude.

I mean, shoot, it’s not exactly a secret that white progressives have real difficulty taking minorities seriously. Or letting them mainstream. God knows getting one to vote for a black candidate can be an exercise in frustration…

#rsrh The deserved persistence of the #OWS Dirty Hippie meme.

Outside the Beltway (via @vermontaigne) is possibly a bit bemused that the meme of Occupy Wall Street being a haven for dirty hippies has by now hit the mainstream.  There’s a reason for that: OCCUPY WALL STREET IS A HAVEN FOR DIRTY, FILTHY HIPPIES. And it’s so blatantly obvious that even the regular media is noticing.

Don’t believe me? Watch this Daily show clip (via the above OTB link):

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Baby steps: Jon Stewart remembers that he needs to eat.

Which means that you have to make fun of the President that you have, not the one that you want:

(Via Andrew Malcolm) Don’t expect miracles, here: Stewart’s a liberal. Stewart also understands that his audience will increasingly be part of the demographic who gets bored listening to people who can’t stop yelling about that Bush guy, who isn’t even President anymore, and back on his ranch in Texas cutting brush or something: and that this is no time to be out of work. So… baby steps.

Unless Obama screws up some more. The Media is always hungry.

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