Confirmation of Dark Tower Easter Egg. [Spoiler]

You may find it here.  Note that I’m doing a spoiler warning here, despite the fact that it won’t be a spoiler to a lot of people.  Personally, I’m happy enough if The Dark Tower itself is good and the characters are done right, but I have no quarrel with anybody who loved the books and is upset that the movie is going to screw them up like they always do.  Because that’s the default option for what happens when Hollywood grabs a book.

Of course, I dunno when I’m going to get a chance to see the movie. Pennsic’s started, and we’re experimenting with doing a weekend trip with the kids. So, obviously, that’s what I’m doing Saturday and Sunday.


New ‘Dark Tower’ trailer!

I have heard that The Dark Tower is, in fact, a sequel to the book series.  Which actually makes sense, in context. One of Stephen King’s brighter ideas, in fact; the plot doesn’t have to be the same, just as long as the characters and concepts remain essentially unspoiled. Check it out:

Moe Lane

The casting does look good, too.


The Dark Tower’s trick reloading.

They got some Dark Tower TV spots up over on Coming Soon, and I have to note: I like the stuff with the reloading.

Some of it is subtle SPX, some of it is… not. But it’s necessary, I think. It’d have been the easiest thing in the world just never to see Roland reload his guns; in a weird sort of way, having it be kind of a super power makes it a little less over-the-top. Shows that everybody in the production was paying attention to the movie, and all that.

Won’t lie: kinda pumped to see this in August.


The “The Dark Tower” trailer.

What?  Yes, I’m feeling much better. After seventeen hours of sleep in the last twenty four, I certainly hope that I’d be feeling better. Anyway, The Dark Tower is coming out August 4th, which is why it wasn’t on my list (I cut it off at the end of July). Rest assured, I’m there for it.

Yeah, I’m sold.

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