I suppose that I should get back into The Division.

Seeing as The Division 2 is coming out next month. I’ve been hesitant to pre-order that game, not because I didn’t have fun with the first one, but because… well. I got a decent amount of Amazon money for Christmas, and maybe I’ll get enough for my birthday next month to justify that PS4 that I’ve been looking at. Can’t justify it as a house purchase. Just can’t. But Christmas/birthday money’s different, right?



The Division 2 trailer.

Not as awesome as Cyberpunk 2077, but that’s OK.

I enjoyed The Division, despite not quite finishing it.  Which I suspect that I’ll end up rectifying in the next couple of months. I understand that the game has been refined considerably since the last time I played it.  This looks fun, although I hope that it’s primarily single-player.  I play other games for group content.

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