I suppose that I should get back into The Division.

Seeing as The Division 2 is coming out next month. I’ve been hesitant to pre-order that game, not because I didn’t have fun with the first one, but because… well. I got a decent amount of Amazon money for Christmas, and maybe I’ll get enough for my birthday next month to justify that PS4 that I’ve been looking at. Can’t justify it as a house purchase. Just can’t. But Christmas/birthday money’s different, right?

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The Division 2 trailer.

Not as awesome as Cyberpunk 2077, but that’s OK.

I enjoyed The Division, despite not quite finishing it.  Which I suspect that I’ll end up rectifying in the next couple of months. I understand that the game has been refined considerably since the last time I played it.  This looks fun, although I hope that it’s primarily single-player.  I play other games for group content.

They’re making a The Division movie!

I can’t wait to see how it will suck! “Deadpool 2 and John Wick director David Leitch has been lining up the film projects! It was just announced that he would be directing the Fast and Furious spinoff film with Hobbs and Shaw. Now it has been announced that he will direct the big screen adaptation of Ubisoft’s hit video game The Division!” I mean, don’t get me wrong: ‘John Wick director’ is a pretty potent talisman against despair when it comes to movies based on video games.  But movies based on video games pretty much come out of the box awful. It’s gonna take a lot to overcome that hurdle.

Moe Lane

PS: Entertainingly, I am thinking of playing The Division again; I have heard that the updates to the game have fixed a lot of the problems that eventually caused me to lose interest in it.  But while it held my interest I was absolutely engrossed by it.  So maybe I’ll be even more upset with this movie, when it comes out.


Huh. Twenty bucks off Tom Clancy’s The Division Gold edition…

…if you buy it via Prime.  It’s listed at $100 normally, but they’re taking $20 off if you go the Amazon route there. I wonder if that deal will still be going on a month from now? I can usually count on birthday Amazon.

And is anybody else thinking of picking up this game? I’m wondering whether it’s a shooter or an RPG. Although the line there can blur.

Wait, how did I miss Tom Clancy’s The Division?

This, like, pushes all the buttons.

ALL the buttons. It’s like they took my only major issue with Fallout 4* and decided to make a game around resolving that issue for me.  It looks awesome, in other words.

*Basically, it’s: Yes, I understand that civilization fell when the bombs dropped. So noted. But, dammit, I AM HERE NOW. Get a damned Minutemen team into Fanueil Hall and hold it against the Super-Mutants! Here is some combat armor. Here are advanced laser weapons. Shoot, here’s a bunch of T-60 power armor in your pick of colors. Sweep and clear, people. Sweep and clear. I am the Warlord of the Commonwealth and the Institute’s Bane, and these disturbers of the Wanderer’s Peace offend me.