Creature Seed: The Dreamer in the Ice.

Dreamer in the Ice – Google Docs

The Dreamer in the Ice


Description: a thirty foot tall, admittedly monstrous-looking (what you can see of it), frozen entity in the middle of a glacier.


Well, that’s what the fishermen out of Skarsvåg, Norway call it.  They never actually talk to outsiders about the Dreamer in the Ice, because they know that the Dreamer doesn’t want them to.  But they talk to it. The Dreamer comes to them in their own dreams; large, cold, of a form not native to Earth.  From its sets of lips drip alien lore and uncanny whispers. And the whispers cajole, they do.  The Dreamer can offer many things; good fishing, for one. The Dreamer has many mysterious and arcane powers. All the fishermen need to do is provide in return what the Dreamer requests.  Such simple things, really. Mere baubles.


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