The November Patreon stuff is up!

This month there’s the following:

  • Chapter 1 of TINSEL RAIN: Well, I spent the whole dang month working on the new book for NaNoWriMo, and the first chapter makes all right thematic sense on its own.
  • The Elmerite Order, Part 3: The Sciencite Paradigm: It’s like the Technocracy, only they’re not jerks! Or, when they are, at least they’re not taking stabs at the patch on the universe. The ones that are don’t really count.

The September Patreon stuff is up.

Although I reserve the right to swap out the RPG setting for something else next month. It’s a good idea, but it needs just a touch of something.

  • Impurities: A Cthulhu Mythos story about things I know nothing about, really! But since when has that ever stopped anybody!
  • The Elmerite Order: a mystical bunch of your standard hidden magicians in an uncaring world, only they’re being more or less subsidized for it.

Group Seed: The Elmerite Order.

This went off the tracks – but in an interesting way, so I’ll allow it.

The Elmerite Order

So, it turns out that the worldview found in first edition Mage: The Ascension is not entirely inaccurate, after all.  Magic works; there are various Traditions that can manipulate it; but one paradigm (scientific rationalism) is so dominant that the others cannot operate freely on our plane of existence.  Fair enough… as far as that goes.

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