Location Seed: The Ghost Barracks.

The Ghost Barracks

Location: Kay Moor Mine, West Virginia

Description: three-level underground fallout shelter, with residential and office space.  No garage as such, but there are kitchens, storage areas, and a small machine shop.  The power and water still work, but the ventilation system always seems to be in need of a serious overhaul.  The site can be accessed both from the main mine, and a disguised passageway that originates in a culvert on the New River Gorge.

Purpose: “Long-term stable storage space for various personalized paraphernalia used to facilitate standard individualized post-mortem communication protocols.” In English: it’s where they keep stuff that can be used to summon specific ghosts.

Capacity: designed for fifty people, for six months.  It can host a considerably larger number of ghosts, of course.  Currently, the Ghost Barracks is set up to accommodate about six to ten living people indefinitely; the mortal staff is rotated in and out regularly, and often uses the site as a staging area for local supernatural operations (which, incidentally, occur in the Appalachians with no little frequency).

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