Location Seed: The Ghost House.

Ghost House – Google Docs

The Ghost House

The Ghost House exists in whichever conveniently rural and semi-arid locale that the GM needs it to be located in. It is a small two-story single-family residence of mixed wood, brick, stone, and metal construction.  With a special emphasis on ‘mixed:’ the house is well put together, but regular aesthetics were tossed out the window. Wood slats alternate with metal sheets, the floors are bricks in some places and wood in others, and no step in the staircase to the second floor matches any other.  The Ghost House has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a basement, an attic, and is fully furnished (in the same crazy-quilt, ‘eclectic’ style). One other oddity of the place; all the lighting is fluorescent, and obviously antique.


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