In Nomine Revisited: The Innsmouth Look.

Since I haven’t been putting up any creative work, because of NaNoWriMo, I thought that I’d pull some of my old In Nomine stuff and put it up.  Terrifyingly, some of it’s almost twenty years old. Yikes.

Innsmouth Look (Celestial) (3_level) – Google Docs

The Innsmouth Look (Celestial) (3/level)

Well, to begin with, don’t ever use that name in front of Lilith, Human Princess of Freedom. Or anyone who owes Lilith a favor. Or anybody who’d like to be owed a favor from Lilith. You get the idea.

The condition is unique to Lilim: it’d be normally considered to be a less severe form of the Ugly Discord (-1 to reaction rolls per level), except for two things.  First, it’s a Celestial Discord, which means that it both manifests on all three planes and interferes with Essence gathering.  The act of spreading rumors that Lilim afflicted with this Discord can circumvent the latter problem with somewhat disturbing activities is, of course, frowned upon by the Game.  Bright Lilim never manifest this Discord, by the way. Obviously, neither has Lilith.

The second distinguishing factor is that this Discord always manifests in the same way. The symptoms are  differently greenish (and later on, scaly) skin, protuberant eyes, webbed and/or splayed extremities, and a gradually accelerating loss of hair. There’s also a definite personality change as well.  Lilim with higher levels of The Innsmouth Look tend to be distant, emotionless, absently ruthless and fond of swimming.  It’s hard to say: once the Discord reaches a certain level, Lilim suffering from it tend to fade from the public eye, unless of course they happen to serve Lust (Andrealphus apparently is fond of the look — or at least doesn’t seem to care).

This particular Discord is not encountered much. It’s very rare, and apparently untreatable except via Redemption.  It’s also not publicly talked about, either, as the Princess of Freedom has her little ways of demonstrating her disapproval of certain conversational topics.  For that matter, so does the Archangel of Judgement: Dominic hasn’t exactly forbidden that the topic be ever brought up, but the Inquisition will take an interest in anybody taking an interest.

Note to GMs: Springing this Discord on players really does depend on somebody in the party being familiar with the Cthulhu Mythos. If you’re really lucky, said person is also playing a Lilim (which could be good for a bit of existential horror-fun).  I suggest that you just casually describe the physical effects without emphasizing them or making them seem particularly noteworthy.  Eventually somebody will put two and two together and come up with SAN loss…


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