#rsrh *What* antiwar movement?

Reading between the lines, Reason TV is kind of upset about the way that the Democratic party has abandoned the antiwar movement:

…and that’s reasonable.  Sort of.  I have no real beef with libertarian antiwar types, as long as they aren’t being crypto-anti-Semites or whatnot.  Your average libertarian has a laudable desire to stay out of other countries’ business; I don’t fault them for that, although I do not think that they fully grasp the consequences of not having a world hegemony, and how much it would truly suck if it wasn’t us being the world hegemon.  At least there’s a certain basic consistency there. Continue reading #rsrh *What* antiwar movement?

Geez, Netrooters: if all you wanted was another Bush…

…we actually had a spare.

We just assumed that you weren’t up for Jeb having his turn. But apparently this was a bad assumption on our part (original alert via MsUnderestimated):

Our bad, I guess.

Moe Lane

PS: How are your new unicorns settling in?