Book of the Week: The Labyrinth Index.

The Labyrinth Index is book 9 in Charles Stross’s Laundry Mythos-spy series.  It’s quite fun to read, although I’m not enjoying it in the same, ah, visceral way that I believe Charlie intends.  I imagine that people who began freaking out about current events after, oh, I dunno, June 23rd 2016 (and who graduated to raw terror and panic after November 8th of that same year) will find this book deeply scary; for my part, it’s just another The Horror At Red Hook.  I’m just not scared by what scares the author, that’s all.  But I can still enjoy the aesthetic, and this is a pretty good installment in the Laundry series.

In the Mail: The Labyrinth Index.

The Labyrinth Index is the latest in Charles Stross’s spy-Lovecraftian Laundry Files series, and I’m looking forward to perusing it. There’s just something relaxing in reading a well-written horror novel by an excellent author who is profoundly terrified of things that merely, at worst, make me roll my eyes a bit.  No, really: you still get the frisson, but not the actual horror itself.  Which is good, because God knows there’s enough real things in the world to be scared about…