In the Mail: THE LAST GRADUATE (Hardcover).

Yeah, I know: I already had the digital version of THE LAST GRADUATE. That’s how it works: I buy the Kindle book in this series because then I can read it at 12:00:01 AM, the night it comes out. And then, at some point, I go and get the hardcover version so that I can have it in the family library for the rest of time. The Scholomance series is just that good. I begrudge sleep when it comes to wolfing those books down for the first time.

Moe Lane


PS: Magical school where the survival rate is 25%, but teenaged mages sign up anyway because all the other options are all so, so much worse. Our heroine is El; and oh, but does she hate being called that. Not that anyone would dare. I would not let her join my adventuring party; I would, instead, humbly ask to join hers.

In the e-mail: THE LAST GRADUATE (The Scholomance Book 2)

Naomi Novik’s THE LAST GRADUATE dropped at midnight last night, and that’s a real problem for me. No, really: I have stuff I have to do today. I really shouldn’t try to squeeze it in.

But I will.

Moe Lane

PS: What’s it about? Oh, it’s part of a series about a magical school that’s horrible in every way, but the kids go because the alternatives are all worse. Novik’s a brilliant writer, and this is an excellent series: I can’t wait to hear this year’s excuse as to why they won’t give her a Hugo.