Item Seed: The Magnet Drive.

Magnet Drive – Google Docs

The Magnet Drive


The Magnet Drive appears to be two regular magnets, lashed together positive pole to positive pole via a liberal use of titanium wire wrapped in an intricate and bizarre pattern.  The two ends of the titanium wire are soldered to alligator clips; when these two clips are attached to a flattened aluminum tube filled with carbon suspended in glycerin, the flat side of the tube opposite the magnets produces thrust. Two decorative refrigerator magnets generate enough thrust to put a quadcopter drone in the air; a no-fooling interplanetary cruiser probably wouldn’t need magnets that were larger than, say, a microwave oven.  Just to add to the fun, there’s no power source. The item just works. It also generates a field at high enough speeds (at least one-half c) that apparently has never heard of the lightspeed barrier.


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