Looks like Disney will release The New Mutants in theaters after all.

At least, according to GeekTyrant. For those who don’t remember, The New Mutants is a horror X-Men flick that had been in development Hell (or maybe Limbo) over at Fox for a while. Maybe it was supposed to get rewrites, maybe it wasn’t, perhaps it was going direct to video — but GeekTyrant says that it’s getting an August 2nd release, so I guess it all got resolved.

Dunno if the movie will suck or not, of course.

Moe Lane



New Mutants movie going to Hulu?

Maybe: “…a new rumor has surfaced from Scott Bechtel of “Merc With a Podcast” saying that Fox and the director were struggling coming to terms with the final cut. So now the film may not be released until later in the fall, and there’s a chance that it might end up just popping up on Hulu.” (more…)

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