The official THE NEW MUTANTS trailer.

(Via Geeks Are Sexy): Straight-up Marvel mutant horror. I’m down with it. As mentioned earlier, the Mouse apparently said “Let the director have his cut,” so suddenly it was out of Development Hell and back on the glidepath for an April release. I find their lack of lack of faith… disturbing.


Looks like Disney will release The New Mutants in theaters after all.

At least, according to GeekTyrant. For those who don’t remember, The New Mutants is a horror X-Men flick that had been in development Hell (or maybe Limbo) over at Fox for a while. Maybe it was supposed to get rewrites, maybe it wasn’t, perhaps it was going direct to video — but GeekTyrant says that it’s getting an August 2nd release, so I guess it all got resolved.

Dunno if the movie will suck or not, of course.

Moe Lane



New Mutants movie going to Hulu?

Maybe: “…a new rumor has surfaced from Scott Bechtel of “Merc With a Podcast” saying that Fox and the director were struggling coming to terms with the final cut. So now the film may not be released until later in the fall, and there’s a chance that it might end up just popping up on Hulu.” (more…)

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