The New Republic is apparently as mature as my seven year old.

Sure, TNR gets points for finally admitting reality.

Here are Romney’s remarks, in their full context, which came during a conversation with Wolf Blitzer:

[snip of Romney accurately describing the nature of the current Russian regime and its essential and unique adversarial nature towards us]

This all seems…exactly right.

…but that’s not enough.  I mean, I know that it’s hard to admit that you were wrong about something, and that you’re sorry: as I said, I have a seven year old that needs to be prompted about that from time to time.  But he’s seven.  What’s TNR’s excuse?

Moe Lane


The New Republic’s hating on Obama’s Egyptian speech, as seen through a partisan lens.

Not to go all domestic-politics on the subject; but this

[Obama's Egypt speech] was not an impressive performance. The president kept tripping over himself, first claiming that America follows its values, then talking about American interests, and making no attempt to synthesize the two.

…is not exactly the sort of reaction from the Left that any candidate hoping to name-drop Barack Obama in next year’s election will be precisely happy to see.  It is, in fact, commentary that has a certain whiff of 2005, 2006 to it – only, this time it’s coming from, and is about, the other side.

Ain’t that a shame. (more…)


TNR still taking those baby steps away from idolizing the Lightworker.

The New Republic went through a bunch of semi-turgid prose (that I frankly skipped over), just to reach this bit:

Everyone who comes to Washington decides what they want to do, and how they want to do it. The point (I think) is that the type of people who come to Washington to pursue political power are the type of people who generally go on to, say, lobby. What was new about the way the Obamaites sold themselves was that they tried to seem as if they were different types. Which, of course, they aren’t.

No!  Really?  But, hey, The New Republic has a point: it’s a bad idea to buy into worshiping a mere politician like he was like unto a god…


…oops, yeah, never mind.


TNR… trying to make the case for Rand Paul in 2016.

Wait.  This stuff is bad?

OK, I don’t normally fisk, but I gotta do this one. From The New Republic’s rather alarmed profiling of Senator Rand Paul:

In the Senate, Paul gained a reputation as an eccentric. Staffers often saw him wandering alone into the cafeteria, buying his own coffee, getting his own lunch—which, they noted, was not very senatorial.

That’s a damning indictment of the Senate, frankly.

Nor was his reputation for reading every page of every bill.

So’s that. (more…)


Martin Peretz, you ignorant slut.

This title/classical reference is an honor, in its way: RedState has traditionally reserved it for spectacularly exgregious cases of public stupidity. But this Martin Peretz complaint about what has happened to The New Republic (TNR) since he sold it certainly qualifies:

Like many readers of the New Republic, I didn’t at first recognize the most recent issue of the magazine. The stark white cover was unlike anything the New Republic ran during my 35 years as the owner. Having read the cover story, I still don’t recognize the magazine that I sold in 2012 to the Facebook zillionaire Chris Hughes.

“Original Sin,” by Sam Tanenhaus, purported to explain “Why the GOP is and will continue to be the party of white people.” The provocative theme would not have been unthinkable in the magazine’s 99-year history, but the essay’s reliance on insinuations of GOP racism (“the inimical ‘they’ were being targeted by a spurious campaign to pass voter-identification laws, a throwback to Jim Crow”) and gross oversimplifications hardly reflected the intellectual traditions of a journal of ideas. What made the “Original Sin” issue unrecognizable to this former owner is that it established as fact what had only been suggested by the magazine in the early days of its new administration: The New Republic has abandoned its liberal but heterodox tradition and embraced a leftist outlook as predictable as that of Mother Jones or the Nation.

So, let me get this straight. Martin Peretz sells his magazine to Chris Hughes, who prior to the sale was talking up how he had no intention of being a doctrinaire liberal editor of TNR.  After the sale, Hughes then turns right around and makes TNR into an open propaganda organ for the Obama administration.  No doubt stung by the sudden frost on the DC cocktail circuit*, Peretz is now openly fuming about what Hughes did to his magazine. (more…)


#rsrh Democrats still delusional (and still losing the Middle!).

(H/T: RCP) I assume that William Galston got good and morosely drunk after sending this puppy over to The New Republic.

If you don’t think ideological perceptions matter in American politics, you need read no further. If you do and you’re a Democrat, there’s something to worry about. Even as the terms of the political debate in Washington, in the eyes of many Democrats, have moved steadily to the right, the electorate is increasingly likely to see itself as ideologically closer to the Republican Party than to Democrats. Unless Obama and Democrats can find a solution to this riddle—and find one fast—they will be contesting the 2012 election on forbidding terrain.

If you find that straight-up schadenfreude doesn’t sit well in an empty stomach, let me summarize for you: in the last six years the electorate has gotten somewhat more conservative and somewhat less moderate; better and better, moderates agree with the Republicans that the Republicans are conservative, but do not agree with the Democrats that the Democrats are moderate.  Hence Galtson’s (presumed) drinking: there’s a reason why self-identified conservatives outnumber self-identified liberals in this country, and if the rest of the population thinks that the Democratic party is made up of those people then the Democratic party is going to have a devil of a time next year.

Yes, yes: you’re all just weeping into your coffee at that news.

Moe Lane


#rsrh TNR to Progressives: Embrace your pain…

…because progressives are going to be in the wilderness for at least the next six years anyway.

Via Hot Air Headlines, it’s an entertaining article, assuming that you’re into alternate universes where the Voting Rights Act of 1965 has not been the greatest disaster for African-Americans (in both politics, and general well-being) since the 1876 Presidential election*.  The major problem for the Democrats is that they’re not really confident that there’s going to be a fourth wave of House seat flips in a row any time soon and the 2012 and 2014 Senate election cycles are looking very, very, very, very lopsided.  Put plainly: there’s a ton of Democratic Senators in office who probably shouldn’t be, and we’re going to test that in two and four years. So… TNR wants progressives to suck it up and do whatever Barack Obama wants them to, like good little soldiers.

Frankly, win-win for us: either progressives will, in which case they’ve signed on to following the instructions of somebody who doesn’t have a clue how to run anything bigger than a… who doesn’t have a clue how to run anything; or progressives won’t, in which case the next two years will be an endless Dark Carnival of Red Despair for the Other Side.   Should be a hoot either way.

Moe Lane (more…)


#rsrh TNR should just Embrace the Hate, already.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers.

So, The New Republic wants to post an article on the oh-so-beleaguered moderates in the Tea Party movement (translation: they’re trying to foment a schism in said movement, because otherwise next January they’re going to abruptly have a shortage of politicians who care about what The New Republic thinks about everything). Via Ann Althouse (H/T: Instapundit) comes the first picture that they associated with the article: a man putting two teabags in his mouth.

…and via me comes the second picture that they associated with said article: a pitchfork being used as a sign.

Yes. They went from ‘sex’ to ‘violence,’ but the message remains the same to The New Republic‘s readers: these people in the Tea Party are the Other.  Embrace the Democrat. Which is their privilege, but they shouldn’t pretend to be some sort of objective observer of the whole thing when what they actually want to do is protect the interests of the Democratic party.

Just saying.

Moe Lane

PS: Also, The New Republic should grow the heck up.


Everything you need to know about the 2012 movie.

From The New Republic:

The conceit this time out–not that it matters in the slightest–is that a series of escalating solar flares has produced a “mutated” form of neutrinos, which are penetrating the Earth’s crust and heating up its core. The ancient Mayans somehow foretold that this solar calamity would take place in 2012, but the movie makes no effort to explain how they knew: Emmerich’s in this for the earthquakes and super-volcanoes; leave the geo- and metaphysics to someone who cares.

Wow. To quote a physicist friend of mine, that’s not even wrong.


Elections Have Consequences Watch: TNR edition.

Marty Peretz: “Frankly, I am sick and tired of President Obama’s eldering–more accurately, hectoring–Israel’s leaders.

Moe Lane: “Try to remember that when 2012 rolls around. Actually, try to remember that when 2010 rolls around and you’re looking at your choices for Representative, and possibly Senator.”

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, people. It’s nice to complain and everything, but if complaining is all that you ever do, then you’re just background noise. Politicians get used to background noise all too quickly.

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