In Nomine Revisited: The School.

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The School

The concept of “Special Forces” is a somewhat fuzzy one when considering the Host — or, for that matter, the Horde.  Most individuals formally involved in the War are either literally supernatural entities, or mortals who have been imbued with supernatural powers; also, the realities of a millennia-long secret war to the knife favor a certain emphasis of precise, covert strikes over overt, mass conflicts.  In a very real sense, every combat-focused member of the Host partakes of the Special Forces mindset.

This does not mean that the Host does not have specialists, of course — and Zadkiel, Cherub Archangel of Protection, trains the best of them, both angelic and human.  Those who graduate of the School have a certain reputation about them. One that is completely deserved. (more…)

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