The Seima Families [GURPS]

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The Seima Families

Once upon a time, in the long-ago era known as the Eighties, there was a group that had all sorts of quirky, bizarre adventures that regularly placed them in mortal, yet easily resolved peril. What times they had! Exotic physics, secret conspiracies, ancient mysteries, and at least one Christmas-themed crisis (that one took twice as long to resolve as the others). But it all worked out in the end, at least for everyone who was good.

However, in the course of one of these wacky adventures our group of heroes came across a time warp (that bit about ‘exotic physics’ wasn’t a joke) that had spit out a real life ‘caveman!’ But they fixed things; the caveman (they called him ‘Lou’) amazingly picked up English pretty quickly, Lou and the group had a bunch of humorous misunderstandings, and the group eventually got Lou back to his own time.  The group was sad, but really, it was all for the best.  After all, Lou’s tribe was back there. Surely he’d be happier among his own ki… ah, friends and family, right?

Well, perhaps not.  You see, five minutes after the group left the area to go have another wacky adventure, Lou was back.  With his family (read: ‘tribe’). It was a bit of a strain for Lou to hold the time warp open for that long with his mind, but he decided that it was probably all for the best.


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