SPOON! …The Tick returns in February.

February 23rd, 2018, to be exact.  I ended up binge-watching the first half of The Tick, after all; or at least I slammed two or three episodes at a time.  I’m probably going to watch the second half in one fell swoop, because I really really want to see evil impact Destiny, and bounce.  I am adamant about this, in fact.  There has to be a particular payoff, and those of you who have watched the first half probably can guess what I think that it should be.  While embracing the superior ethos and moral sense of the Tick himself, of course*.

Can’t wait.

Moe Lane

*We are not really required to take the Tick entirely seriously, but nothing I’ve seen so far suggests that we are to take him lightly.

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I am NOT going to stay up and binge-watch The Tick.

Even if it’s now streaming on Amazon.  I am NOT.  I am going to bed.

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Whoa. The new live-action Tick… might not… suck?

Huh.  I’ve been, you know, assuming that it’s gonna suck, because let’s face it; it’s hard for our culture to do the Tick properly.  And yet; and, yet.  This is not a bad trailer. It promises a certain level of respect for the intellectual property.

The Tick will be released to Amazon Prime members on August 25th.

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