Amazon approves Season 2 of The Tick.

All official-like: “The creator of the series, Ben Edlund (FireflySupernaturalGotham), will return along with leads Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy) as The Tick and Griffin Newman (Search Party) as Arthur, with additional casting to be announced.” Ten new episodes, filming starts this year, and the show will be shown next year on Amazon Prime (obviously). And, of course, this is unsurprising: lots of people loved the Tick when it came out last year. I ended up getting sucked into it myself, and I plan to combine the second part of Season 1 with my exercise regimen when it comes out on February 23rd*.  So, really: no-brainer.

I haven’t decided whether I want to see the weirder superheroes and supervillains, though.  Well. “Weird” is probably relative, here.

Moe Lane

*Which means that I have to restart my exercise regimen.  Which I really need to do.  Fortunately, at least I have tons of TV shows to watch while doing it.

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The new ‘The Tick’ trailer.

Complete with a certain tease at the very, very end.

I think that we’re not going to get American Maid or Die Fledermaus in Part Two of The Tick. Or the more surreal of the Tick’s enemies.  I don’t remember if anything happened to the Moon yet in this series, but if it didn’t, it probably won’t.  All of which is fine, if the second part is as good as the first.

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SPOON! …The Tick returns in February.

February 23rd, 2018, to be exact.  I ended up binge-watching the first half of The Tick, after all; or at least I slammed two or three episodes at a time.  I’m probably going to watch the second half in one fell swoop, because I really really want to see evil impact Destiny, and bounce.  I am adamant about this, in fact.  There has to be a particular payoff, and those of you who have watched the first half probably can guess what I think that it should be.  While embracing the superior ethos and moral sense of the Tick himself, of course*.

Can’t wait.

Moe Lane

*We are not really required to take the Tick entirely seriously, but nothing I’ve seen so far suggests that we are to take him lightly.

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I am NOT going to stay up and binge-watch The Tick.

Even if it’s now streaming on Amazon.  I am NOT.  I am going to bed.

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Whoa. The new live-action Tick… might not… suck?

Huh.  I’ve been, you know, assuming that it’s gonna suck, because let’s face it; it’s hard for our culture to do the Tick properly.  And yet; and, yet.  This is not a bad trailer. It promises a certain level of respect for the intellectual property.

The Tick will be released to Amazon Prime members on August 25th.

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