In the Mail: The Unspeakable Oath 25.

I must have ordered the Unspeakable Oath 25 (Arc Dream Publishing’s semi-regular Call of Cthulhu gaming magazine) in both print and electronic forms.  It’s great that it showed up in the mail, actually; I wanted to read it somewhere besides the computer screen, and it’s a bit of a pain to transfer files from computer to phone sometimes.  Besides, the letters are bigger this way.

Yeah, that’s more of a consideration than it used to be.  Time marches on, alas.  Time marches on.


Tweet of the Day, I May Need To Run Another Google Hangout RPG Session edition.

Because the Unspeakable Oath is taking submissions, that’s why.

They want two things out of said submissions: originality, and playtesting.  My regular game doesn’t really ‘do’ horror, but I suspect that I can get a couple of people together for some rules-light playtesting.  Let me know in comments if you’re interested.


Also in the mail: Issue #24 of the Unspeakable Oath.

I was starting to wonder whether I was going to get my copy. I’m mentioning it mostly because, well, The Unspeakable Oath is a really cool Lovecraftian gaming magazine, especially if you miss The Black Seal (and I rather do).  There’s just something about having the print copy, sorry.

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