In Nomine Revisited: The US Capitol Rotunda Tether (Random/Wild)

The US Capitol Rotunda 


You place your bets, and you take your chances.

The problem is that too many people on the corporeal plane have too many opinions on what the US Capitol in Washington DC is actually symbolic of. Normally, that would just ensure that no actual Tether would form at all, but even a low probability result can come up sometime. In this case, the Symphony’s solution to the problem was to create a Tether that sequentially links to all of the even marginally-likely Superior-level Words: the Tether is not so much Forked as it is fractal.  The difficulty is that the locus cycles through the possible endpoints so quickly that its hapless users can and do end up at any number of celestial Principalities.  And there is no way to know where you’ll end up before you jump on through.


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