They finally found a way to get me interested in THE WALKING DEAD.

They came up with an organization that, you know, came up with [expletive deleted] that could kill lots of zombies pretty fast and armor the zombies couldn’t bite through and now they’re off killing zombies. Don’t get me wrong: it’s probably an evil organization, from what I understand of THE WALKING DEAD series. But until we get a BLACK TIDE RISING show at least this will have some interesting gear to look at.


John Cleese summarizes the Walking Dead.

Which is awesome, because now I’m caught up and don’t actually have to watch the first six seasons.  Thanks, John Cleese!  …Hey, I’m legitimately sure that it’s a great show. But I got a pile of great shows already that I haven’t finished yet, so anything that doesn’t add to that pile is welcome.  Plus: John Cleese doing narration is one of the great joys of modern Western civilization. So there’s that.


The Walking Dead Trailer.

Finally, a good version of The Walking Dead trailer.

Allahpundit’s worried that it might not be as good as it looks; I scoff. Scoff! …Of course, it’s going to be a while before I see it: I have no cable TV.

Moe Lane

PS: I miss it surprisingly little, actually.

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