#rsrh Occupiers now trying to build permanent structures?

For real?

Um.  NO.  You can’t do that.  We have this thing called “property rights” – yes, yes, I know, Marxists consider that to be a swear phrase.  But then, Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people.  Anyway.  STOP this, Occupiers.  There are RULES.

Learn them.

Moe Lane

‘Palin primaries.’ How very, very droll. #rsrh

(Via Hot Air) And it’s coming from the Congressional arm of the political party that has spent the last year informing the very people that they’re now trying to galvanize into action that being against the Democratic party’s insane amount of spending means that you actually like to put your testicles in other people’s mouths.

There is a certain disconnect, here.  Which is a polite way of saying “The Tea Partiers are mad at the GOP.  They bloody well despise the Democrats.”

The Reality-Based Community’s *Having* a Breakdown?

I suppose that Mark Hemingway’s Corner post title is technically possible – but from where I’m sitting the quote-unquote ‘reality-based community’ started their breakdown some time around 12 noon on the Wednesday after Election Day 2002.  They expected to win seats back then, not lose them – and the disconnect between their expectations and objective reality drove many of them quite, quite that.  After almost seven years, you’d think that we’d find another word for that besides ‘breakdown;’ not that I’m a trained mental health professional or anything.

On the other hand, I am an experienced site moderator, and speaking as one of those I’d have to say that Misters Malloy, Carcaterra, and Boehlert are just a touch too inappropriately anticipatory when they talk and write about the supposed upcoming wave of American right-wing violence in general, and almost eager when it comes to their ‘worries’ that the President will be assassinated.  Although if asked, they would all bluster on and on how they’re merely concerned and dreading that potential outrage, of course.

Of course.

Moe Lane

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