The DC comics crossover that your 80s cartoon-watching self will love.

ThunderCats/He-Man.  This may be epic. I was Team ThunderCats, myself; my wife is Team He-Man… or, more accurately, Team She-Ra.  Although I, like the rest of my ever-so-sophisticated friends, was officially ‘too old’ to watch ThunderCats.  Nope, we didn’t watch that show.  Not us. Neither did we watch Transformers, GI JOE, or The Real Ghostbusters, either. Or, sure, those shows may have been on while we were home, but that was completely a coincidence.

Ayup. Total coincidence.

Moe Lane

PS: No, we could all admit to watching Star Blazers, G-Force, and Voltron.  Those were anime.  That was allowed.


The new Thundercats images are worrisome.

I was expecting more of Teh Suckage; but this is… pretty good.

I say ‘worrisome’ because the current business model for remakes these days seems to be ‘rape your customer base’s collective childhood*;’ and if things aren’t so bad here, well, what pitfalls await us?

Moe Lane

*There’s a reason why the article text and I independently came up with the same comment, you know. (more…)


There’s a certain amount of yelling…

…about a possible Thundercats movie (see here for representative sample).  Far be it from me to stop a good geekrant, but did any heterosexual teenage male watch that show for any other reason than Cheetara?

Or is Western society still taking the tacit position that We Don’t Speak Of That?

Moe Lane (more…)

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