Kaiser: dear GOD but @barackobama is horrible about #obamacare messaging.

I’m paraphrasing the report. Fortunately, HuffPo slammed three shots of cheap vodka and then gave its readers the bad news:

Just 15 percent of those polled, and only 12 percent of the working-age uninsured, knew the exchanges were launching in October for the start of a six-month sign-up period. Sixty-five percent of respondents were aware that Obamacare created the exchanges, however.

The survey found that more than three years after the law’s enactment, 51 percent of Americans felt as though they didn’t understand it well enough to determine how it will affect them and their families. More than two-thirds of the uninsured — those who stand to gain the most — said the same. More than half of respondents said the news media focuses mainly on the politics of health care reform, rather than on how it affects people. A majority also said there was no news source they could trust to provide information about the law.

Asked what questions they would most like answered, Americans most commonly wanted to know how much health insurance would cost under Obamacare, how the spending is financed, and where they can find a simple summary of the law.

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