So, they almost did a TIME BANDITS sequel.

Feel free to click through to GeekTyrant’s description of it. Spoiler warning: the sequel would have been a pile of shit. …I was half-tempted to come with something a little less robustly Anglo-Saxon, there – but no. There are times when you have to call a pile of shit a pile of shit, and this is that time. Go watch TIME BANDITS again, instead – and offer praise to the LORD that this is not the worst timeline, after all.


Time Bandits remake? WHAT?




I mean, seriously: “a bigscreen kids action franchise?” Have they actually SEEN Time Bandits?  This is like… like doing the Watchmen graphic novel as a crappy 1980s Saturday cartoon show:

Yes, it’s a funny concept.  It’s funny because it would totally suck, which is why people didn’t actually do it.  These guys are actually threatening to do it.

Moe Lane

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