Time Magazine attempts to fat-shame Chris Christie*.

So Business Insider notes this Time cover:


“Elephant in the room?” You have to admit: that’s some dang good passive-aggressive, plausibly deniable fat-shaming, there (note that Allahpundit over at Hot Air noted the exact same sneak-hit that we at RedState did).  Fortunately, our own Ben Howe notes that you can play with the symbolic meanings of the totem animals of both sides: Continue reading Time Magazine attempts to fat-shame Chris Christie*.

Tweet of the Day, This Doesn’t Actually Help @BarackObama, Time Magazine edition.

People notice stuff, after all.

And sparing the tender feelings of the President when he messes up is no way to get him to stop messing up. This is, like, Parenting 120 at best…

Nikki Haley’s interview with some provincial hick at Time Magazine.

Most people are concetrating on the absolutely inane question Gov. Haley got at the end – as God is my witness, the Time interviewer* really did ask whether the Governor tipped Sikh cab drivers more – but the entire interview is in its way engrossing viewing. If only because the interviewer clearly thought that there was a hick in the interviewing room (true) and that her name was Nikki Haley (false). I mean, I grew up in New York and New Jersey and I was humiliated by the utter unsophisticated provincialism of the interviewer; I would take some comfort that the woman’s accent suggests that she’s just some rube right off of the boat, but that’s cultural chauvinism talking. Continue reading Nikki Haley’s interview with some provincial hick at Time Magazine.

“Para Time, todos parecen igual.”

Or so I’m told.

Protip for Time Magazine: when you do a cover showing Latino voters, use Latinos.

The cover, illustrating Michael Scherer’s story about how Latino voters in Arizona could impact the 2012 presidential election, features the faces of 20 people readers would assume are Latinos.

But at least one of them is not. Michael Schennum, who appears on the cover photo in the top row, half hidden by the letter “M” in Time’s iconic logo, says he is half-White, half-Chinese–and definitely not Latino.

In a rational universe, this wouldn’t be worth bringing up.  Then again, in a rational universe Time magazine wouldn’t be one of the first media organizations out of the gate slavering at the chance to hammer a conservative group or organization that had made a similar oopsie, so to Perdition with them; Time can own this, with my compliments.  I personally recommend mandatory sensitivity training, an abject apology in public, and firing the editorial board…

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