Hey, if you backed the Timewatch RPG Kickstarter…

…the digital files have dropped. Check your email account. The physical books are at the printers, so they should be toodling along at a near-future point.

Timewatch, for those who don’t remember, is a time travel RPG using GUMSHOE rules. It’s finally coming out, which is nice, because I’ve been looking forward to it. There’s a couple of things that I’d like to write for that particular game line…


Coming down to the *wire* on the TimeWatch Kickstarter.

I know, I know: those of you who don’t play RPGs are bored.  To which I reply: neener, neener, I want this book in full color*.  Besides, it beats obsessing over international news, which is awful right now and getting worse.

Moe Lane

*I also want the opportunity to pitch some of my ideas and writing on this to the people running what has suddenly become a rather more open and content-hungry project, so it’s in my best interest if they’ve got a whole bunch of space that needs filling with words, yes-no?


Now, what we have here is an interesting TimeWatch Kickstarter dilemma.

We’re at the 23 hour-mark-and-counting before the end of the TimeWatch Kickstarter; the current pledge total is just below $82K. At $85K a new stretch goal opens up: to wit, a 96 page Guide to the Annotated Timeline supplement. If it unlocks, a backer at my existing level gets the PDF for free, and the printed copy for an extra $20 (as an ‘add-on’).  So: if I toss in that $20, the Kickstarter will be $20 closer to the total; but if the Kickstarter does not hit its total, then I will have to take that $20 and hopefully apply it towards another add-on (but if I had wanted that hypothetical add-on in the first place I’d have simply increased my backing in the first place), or go to a higher tier at the last second.

It’s a definite exercise in game theory, no?  What’s my optimal strategy, here?


The “TimeWatch: GUMSHOE Investigative Time Travel RPG” Kickstarter.

Fine.  Just take my dang money, then.

These people are insidious, I’m telling you. Insidious.

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