The November Patreon stuff is up!

This month there’s the following:

  • Chapter 1 of TINSEL RAIN: Well, I spent the whole dang month working on the new book for NaNoWriMo, and the first chapter makes all right thematic sense on its own.
  • The Elmerite Order, Part 3: The Sciencite Paradigm: It’s like the Technocracy, only they’re not jerks! Or, when they are, at least they’re not taking stabs at the patch on the universe. The ones that are don’t really count.

Day 29, TINSEL RAIN NaNoWriMo: 60027/60000.

It’s done.

Ha. Haha! HAhhaHAHA! IT’S DONE! Oh, it’s not a real book yet. It’s got twenty thousand words’ worth of connective tissue to establish and more characterization to develop and there’s a plot hole or three to fix and at least one scene to write, but: 60000 words! I made it! With a day to spare!

:twitch: :twitch:


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Day 23, TINSEL RAIN NaNoWriMo: 47328/60000.

Technically, the number is 50,000, so I could technically finish tomorrow or Wednesday. Realistically, it should be 80,000 but that’s really hard to do in a month without special training and no distractions. 60,000 is at about the height of my current prowess.

But I did write the ending today. Now we start throwing piles of words at places that I skipped over the first time!


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