The ‘I was wondering about this’ WITHOUT REMORSE teaser trailer.

This should hopefully work out all right. As I said last year: I can easily groove to Michael B. Jordan playing John Clark, especially if WITHOUT REMORSE the movie sticks closely to the plot of the book, including locale. I look forward to more information about this flick.

Michael B. Jordan signed to 2-film John Clark movie series.

They’re going to adapt Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse and Rainbow Six.  Michael B. Jordan will be playing the title character John Clark, and yes: I know that Clark was Irish and Jordan is African-American.  Jordan was also Killmonger in Black Panther, and so ridiculously good in that role that I wish that they had kept the character alive.  Also, the main plot of Without Remorse involved Clark going through Baltimore killing pimps and drug dealers in sometimes alarming ways; so I suspect that if you want them to otherwise stay faithful to the book, well… :shrug:

But, seriously: Michael B. Jordan can do John Clark properly.  I look forward to seeing the flicks.  Assuming that they don’t end up sucking, of course.

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Book of the Week: Rainbow Six.

I’m putting up Tom Clancy’s military counterterror technothriller Rainbow Six because weren’t they going to make a movie version?  They were trying to get Ryan Reynolds to play John Clark, which I dunno is that great a fit.  I mean, obviously Reynolds can play a badass, but I always saw Clark as being more hulking than Reynolds.  Also: can they afford him, at this point?  Ryan Reynolds probably has at least one more Deadpool movie in him, or at least an X-Force movie. …But I digress.  Rainbow Six has a bit of the Clancy Bloat to it, but I never cared too much; it’s a blessed beach book anyway.


Book of the Week: The Hunt For Red October.

I got turned on to Tom Clancy novels by a buddy in college. The Hunt For Red October was maybe the first one I read, because of the movie (which is, of course, excellent, and not least because it boasts a remarkably good cast). It was about then, I think, that I started coming to the (at the time) uncomfortable realization that maybe Ronald Reagan wasn’t an amiable dunce after all.  …Much followed, from that.

And so, adieu to Hard Magic. Continue reading Book of the Week: The Hunt For Red October.

Book of the Week: Red Storm Rising.

OK, look.

I picked Red Storm Rising because I was trying to remember a passage from it the other day, looked it up, and ended up reading half the book at one sitting. When Tom Clancy was on, he was on – and this was classic ‘conventional WWIII against the Soviet Union’ stuff. But: it is not a goram ‘Jack Ryan novel.’


And so, adieu to Fugue State.

Huh. Twenty bucks off Tom Clancy’s The Division Gold edition…

…if you buy it via Prime.  It’s listed at $100 normally, but they’re taking $20 off if you go the Amazon route there. I wonder if that deal will still be going on a month from now? I can usually count on birthday Amazon.

And is anybody else thinking of picking up this game? I’m wondering whether it’s a shooter or an RPG. Although the line there can blur.

RIP, Tom Clancy.

Like everybody else I started up with him after I saw The Hunt for Red October, which is of course an awesome movie.  I was just startled to discover that the books were good, too.  I always thought that they should have done Red Storm Rising as a miniseries; but at this point it’d be alternate history.

Rest in peace.  My condolences to his family and loved ones.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, the books got rather large after a while.  Many authors have that problem, once they get to the point where they can tell an editor ‘No.’  But let us not speak of that.


Book of the Week: Dead or Alive.

Yes, yes, Dead or Alive is a 850 page Tom Clancy novel, and it’d probably stand to be cut down about three hundred pages because nobody wants to tell Tom Clancy that he shouldn’t write 850 page novels. Including, apparently, me, because I’m going to read the blessed thing. I’m obviously weak that way.

And so ends the reign of The High King of Montival.

Cricket has rules? (Plus: Tom Clancy should do a zombie book)

Who knew?

Yes, I stole that from Patriot Games. And may I note in passing that if Tom Clancy is looking for something to spark the creative juices again, he could hardly do worse than combining the technothriller and zombie apocalypse genres?  Don’t tell me that people wouldn’t read that: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is still #34 on Amazon, and #6 on the NYT Paperback Trade Fiction list.  Clancy doing a zombie book would be instant money.