I enjoy listening to the Left assure itself that the Senate’s Iran Letter was a disaster…

…about as much as I enjoyed listening to it assure itself that the 2013 government shutdown was a disaster.  Which is to say: I quite enjoyed it.  But probably not as much as I’ll enjoy it next year.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m supposed to be worried about this, right? I keep forgetting my lines in these little vignettes, I’m afraid.  My bad…

Senator Tom Cotton (R, AR) speaks truth to Biden on foreign policy.

Sorry: I can’t write out ‘truth to power’ with a straight face when it comes to Joe Biden.  Anyway… “Sen. Tom Cotton challenged Vice President Joe Biden’s criticism of the GOP’s letter to Iran, questioning his foreign policy expertise…. “Joe Biden, as [President] Barack Obama’s own secretary of defense has said, has been wrong about nearly every foreign policy and national security decision in the last 40 years,” the Arkansas Republican said Tuesday on MSNBC.”

Tom Cotton went on to note that if Joe Biden loves the Senate so much then he should have told the President point-blank to stop trying to squeeze Congress out of the treaty-making process.  Left unsaid, apparently, was the (to me, at least) commonplace observation that since Barack Obama keeps claiming that he doesn’t know about anything until it hits the papers then Sen. Cotton had pretty much no choice but to advise the President in a format that President Obama would at least find familiar.  Also left unsaid: Vice President Biden should probably start remembering that the Senate is increasingly a place filled with people who are contemptuous of him, and rightly so.  We went to quite some trouble to replace Mark Pryor with Tom Cotton, after all… Continue reading Senator Tom Cotton (R, AR) speaks truth to Biden on foreign policy.

Mark Pryor’s (D-INC, Arkansas-SEN) attempt to squeeze votes from the turnout turnip.

Like many another pundit, I read with some bemusement Molly Ball’s somewhat… accepting article about how embattled Democrat Mark Pryor plans to win the Arkansas election via turnout.  After I finished chuckling over this bit…

No sign announces the purpose of this little storefront, squeezed between a Bestway Rent to Own and a Rent-a-Center in a dilapidated shopping center. But the words hand-lettered in black and red marker on three pieces of paper taped to the window—”Register to Vote Here”—and a cluster of placards for candidates give it away: It is a Democratic Party field office.

Democrats aren’t advertising this office and 39 others like it that are scattered around Arkansas—in fact, their locations are a closely guarded secret.

…because, after all, the field office isn’t exactly a ‘closely guarded secret’ if it’s being featured in a Atlantic article (or, indeed, has a big Pryor sign in the window) – anyway, after I finished snickering I asked myself; just how likely is the Democratic scenario, anyway?

Turns out… not very likely, actually. Math is kind of getting in the way of the Democrats here. Continue reading Mark Pryor’s (D-INC, Arkansas-SEN) attempt to squeeze votes from the turnout turnip.

Sen. Mark Pryor (D, Arkansas) takes a long step towards DOOM.

We do not minimize the service of combat veterans in this country.


Continue reading Sen. Mark Pryor (D, Arkansas) takes a long step towards DOOM.

Sen. Mark Pryor (D) flirts with DOOM in Arkansas Senate race.

This is just sad.

You see, if you click on the “http://www.TheRealTomCottonRecord.com/” link seen on the podium sign you get… redirected to Tom Cotton’s campaign website.  His actual, real campaign website.  This pretty much means that Senator Mark Pryor is giving his opponent free advertising, and in a way that makes Sen. Pryor look like a clueless goofball.  This is so incredibly inept that I actually thought that it might have been a Photoshop… but no.  No, it was not.


I got nothing, folks.  Sorry.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

RS Interview: Rep. Tom Cotton (R CAND, Arkansas Senate).

Arkansas, of course, is prime pickup territory for the GOP these days: incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor is considered to be in serious trouble by… well, pretty much everybody and it’s just not a good cycle for Democrats in general. We talked to increasingly-likely Republican candidate Rep. Tom Cotton earlier today about the race, and what he plans to do to win it:

Rep. Cotton’s site is here.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Technical note: several of my questions had to be re-recorded because of a rather spectacular post-interview technical glitch that I am still trying to figure out. Fortunately, none of Tom Cotton’s answers got garbled, which is pretty much the important thing anyway. Nobody’s here to listen to me.