Well, except for the ridiculous amounts of money and the entire acting thing. But you don’t learn this one by accident. I agree with Weird Al, here: it’s a good sign.

Tom Lehrer puts his lyrics into the public domain.

Well, lyrics and some of the sheet music; Tom Lehrer’s actual songs (as in, the audio and video) aren’t covered by this. It’s still a cool gesture, although knowing Lehrer it’s probably some sort of slightly too-clever comment on global capitalism or something like that. If I sound slightly eye-rolling about that, it’s because… I pretty much am. I love Tom Lehrer’s music, which he would probably find annoying if he ever happened to read this.

And I don’t feel bad about it, either. I mean, the dude once told everybody he was dead, just to cut down on his fan mail. He’s kind of earned my annoyingly indulgent fandom.