Book of the Week: Lovecraft Unbound.

I’m in the middle of it now: Lovecraft Unbound is interesting mostly because it’s a Lovecraft-themed collection of short stories, with very little if any Mythos content. It’s always interesting to see who’s gotten ensnared by the writer, often in spite of themselves*: the prejudices and assumptions of HPL are ones that frankly grate on modern sensibilities, and yet… if you have any fondness for the horror genre, you can’t escape Lovecraft. Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him.

And so, it being Sunday, we replace Torch of Freedom (Honorverse).

Moe Lane

*Michael Chabon and Joyce Carol Oates are the most well-known ones in this anthology.

Book of the Week: Torch of Freedom.

Another one on the can’t-wait list: Torch of Freedom is Eric Flint and David Weber’s sequel to Crown of Slaves, which is itself one of the books of Weber’s Honorverse space opera series. Sort of Hornblower, only with starships. Suffice it to say that I buy these in hardcover, when I can.

So, it being Sunday, we replace the previous sequel (Imager’s Challenge: The Second Book of the Imager Portfolio) with this sequel.