24 hours left on the Torg Eternity Kickstarter…

…which means 24 hours to go, and then I can stop resolutely ignoring the $200 tier.  I mean, i know full well that I’m not playing Torg Eternity any time soon.  The thirty buck level should be fine, given that I have half the PDFs from the old line already.  Still, it calls to me.  Callllllsssss…..

Evil Hat Productions offers a PDF Guarantee to people buying their games at gaming stores.

It’s pretty straightforward.

…I also suspect that, no, Amazon purchases don’t count.  The idea is to specifically encourage purchases at gaming stores, after all. Encouraging Amazon sales wouldn’t really have the same effect.

Moe Lane

PS: Free RPG Day is June 17th, for those who were wondering. Interestingly, there’s some support for TORG Eternity in there, which suggests that there really will be a Kickstarter for that game soon…

Has anybody heard anything recently about TORG: Eternity?

The remake of the original TORG RPG is supposed to be coming out this year, only it’s April and there has not been a word so far.  TORG was one of those games where a lot of the mechanics were meh – and the concept was abso-goram-lutely brilliant.  I’d want a second edition on my bookshelf.