*THIS* is why the gaming industry needs to decouple from Chinese manufacturers.

Pardon my language, but: you have go to be fucking KIDDING me. From the latest update to the Tour de Lovecraft: Destinations Kickstarter:

The next step is obviously getting Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales and The Destinations to print, and if we get everything nailed down with our new Lithuanian printer this week, we should be on press next week.

Lithuania? Yes, Lithuania. Originally, we had planned to go with a Chinese printing house that I have some pretty extensive experience with from my day job, but we hit an obstacle: Thibet. On the World of Lovecraft map, we have Thibet (Tibet) labeled, in perhaps 8 point letters. But in China, that’s pretty much a non-starter, and no printer will touch it. We had thought we’d be able to move to a different printer than I have worked with that is based in far-more-permissive Hong Kong, but events in China caught up with us there, and *that* became impossible as well.

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The Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations Kickstarter is live.

I will probably have to explain to my wife why it was necessary to acquire the Traveler’s edition of Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations, but that’s my problem and not yours.  At least it wasn’t the Yog-Sothoth edition, right?  $150 might be a bit much… to explain as a household expense: certainly acquiring a hand-tooled leather-bound edition is not even remotely difficult to justify on aesthetic grounds.

Anyway, grab ’em while high-end copies are still available as funding tiers. I certainly did.

Reminder: new Tour De Lovecraft Kickstarter tomorrow.

And, again: the first volume of Tour De Lovecraft is worth the eight bucks on Kindle.  The urge to sell my print copy at those ridiculous prices is nigh-insurmountable, too.  Fortunately, I think I can persevere.

Atomic Overmind Press is coming back on-line!

They’re doing that Ken Hite second volume Tour de Lovecraft Kickstarter later in the month, and they’re also going to do new content for The Day After Ragnarok:

The Speleo-Herpetologist’s Handbook  opens up the biggest, deadliest, most poisonous dungeon ever — the 2,500-mile long body of the dead Midgard Serpent — to adventure and horror. Loathsome new monsters, deadly ophi-tech, and complete adventure support in  The Day After Ragnarok style all wait for you … inside!

The day’s looking up.

Tour de Lovecraft Volume 2 getting Kickstarted next month.

Volume 1 of Tour de Lovecraft is useful and insightful*.  The news that a second volume will be Kickstartered next month is welcome news. Ken Hite:

Particularly since I don’t think that I’ve actually read Ken’s Lost in Lovecraft’s stuff. Always nice to hear that there’s new material to read on the horizon, hey?

Moe Lane

*Although six hundred dollar for a print copy sounds absurd.  So absurd, in fact, that I’m not going to try to flog my own copy for that kind of money. I mean, geez, it’s ten bucks on the Kindle.

Book of the Week: Tour De Lovecraft.

If you haven’t read Tour de Lovecraft The Tales, then… One hundred and eleven bucks on Amazon!?! That much? Ken, for the love of God: put out a new edition! Oh, don’t worry: the Kindle version is eight bucks.  If you’re looking for a good survey on H.P. Lovecraft’s works, this is what you want to read.

And so, adieu to… I don’t know; should I try to sell my copy?  I don’t need the money, but that is a ludicrous sum.  Sorry.  adieu to Reaper Man.

Pleasantville and the Cthulhu Mythos.

This thought is not mine, but Ken Hite’s. It’s part of his bloody marvelous Tour de Lovecraft, which should be on everybody’s short list of horror-genre analysis books to buy, but the relevant bit is here:

Hence, you can watch Pleasantville as a photographic negative of “The Colour Out of Space.” As the color which nobody in the world has ever seen before spreads, their society is destroyed. We have met the Colour, and it is us.

No, think about it for a second.  Consider Pleasantville as a horror film:

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A month of Lovecraft is Missing filler…

…which promises to be above the usual webcomic filler: various cultural artifacts as part of “an informal survey of serial storytelling” and lots of guest blogs from other people doing Lovecraft-themed webcomics. Sounds like fun.

I’d also like to note again that Tour de Lovecraft really is an immensely accessible survey/refresher of Lovecraft’s work.