I sense a great disturbance in the Force…

…no, wait, that’s just people starting to realize that that earlier Rogue One footage was what the rumors about a new trailer were actually referring to. Me? I’m chill about it. After all: BLIND DUDE WITH A STAFF AND KUNG FU. Mission Get Moe’s Attention has been a-freaking-ccomplished, is all I’m saying.

tl/dr; :waving fingers: There is no second Rogue One trailer.

The first “Dark Dungeons: The Movie” trailer.

Yes, they really are going to show a movie adaptation of Jack Chick’s famous comic tract attacking Dungeons & Dragons.

The movie site is here. Crowd-funded, and I was part of the crowd. So you can probably blame me for this, at least in part. And before you ask: everybody involved agreed that the best, most honest, and frankly ethical way to do this movie was to just take what was in the comic and put it up on the screen. That’s what producer JR Ralls promised Jack Chick, and I backed that project because of that promise. It would be far too easy to turn this project into a Flying Spaghetti Monster self-indulgence or some other silliness, and I remain confident that Ralls will be able to give us something that was reproduced as faithfully as possible, in both word and tone.  I will actually be disappointed if he does not.

Moe Lane