Oh, great. They’re gonna make another Transformers movie.


Get ready for more Transformers[*].

Paramount Pictures has made a blind script commitment to develop a new feature based on the popular Hasbro brand.

*I would prefer not to.

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Quote of the Day, Michael Bay Taunts Us All About Transformers edition.

GeekTyrant thinks that he might mean it, this time: “On the heels of this morning’s clip of the Transformers: The Last KnightSuper Bowl ad, Michael Bay has announced he’s officially leaving the franchise…again.”  But they note that Michael Bay LIES because he is a lying LIAR. …Sorry.  This franchise annoys me, because every time I see a Michael Bay Transformers film I’m left with the feeling that there is a good movie buried in there. Somewhere.  If I squint just the right way.

But the movies rack up the cash, so what do I know? …No, seriously: that’s a potent argument, for me. The last Transformers flick brought in over a billion dollars worldwide while only managing a 18% critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes (51% from fans), which argues that it works as entertainment for somebody.  A lot of somebodies. I have to acknowledge that.

So, I wonder how bizarre the Transformers franchise is getti…

Okaayyyy: “Details on the now-in-production Transformers: The Last Knight continue to develop in curious ways. Following recent confirmation that the plot involves both King Arthur and Merlin comes evidence that the storyline features both Adolph Hitler and Sir Winston Churchill as well.” Possibly some suggestion that Anthony Hopkins would be playing Churchill, and apparently there’s alternate-history Nazis winning the Battle for Britain going on?  I have to say: if it wasn’t a Transformers movie my ears would be perking up.  Anthony Hopkins as Churchill in an alt-history movie sounds rather grand, really.

A Transformer… from archaic-tech robot to WWI-era biplane.

Don’t lie. You want this:


For the ‘kids,’ of course. It’s not available at Amazon, which I find to be a stunningly bad business call; and either Hasbro or I need to have better searching criteria (might be me; no coffee yet).  I suppose that I should find out where David Willis got his.

What? No, I don’t collect action figures.  But it’s a an archaic-tech robot that transforms into a WWI biplane. I’d buy that.

Moe Lane

Today is a very important day.

Specifically, a very important anniversary.

According to our best estimates, The Transformers #1 hit newsstands (back when they had newsstands!) on May 8, 1984.  Exactly 25 years ago today.  The cartoon pilot, “More than Meets the Eye, Part 1,” wasn’t due until September 17.  There is a commercial which may predate the release of the first comic book on May 8, since it’s an advertisement for the “coming soon” comic book, but we don’t know of any concrete airdate.  The toys were reportedly released some time during the summer.  For all intents and purposes, May 8 is Transformers‘ birthday.


The Transformers – The Movie

Yes, I am a heartless bastard.

Moe Lane