Tweet of the Day, I Don’t Often Agree With @Bennyjohnson… edition

…but I agree with him on this:

They kill journalists and whistle-blowers over there. Hell, Russia used to have slave labor camps. Ever notice how nobody ever seemed to prosecute, Nuremberg-style, all those people who ran ’em? Amazing how the post-Soviets always seem to get a pass on this stuff.

Moe Lane

Ed Snowden continues to betray America.

I went off on this on Twitter last night, and I am no less disgusted today: Ed Snowden does not, in fact, care for the United States of America.

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported Saturday that the NSA had bugged European Union offices and gained access to EU internal computer networks where it was able to read documents and emails. United Nations offices were similarly targeted, reports Der Spiegel based on information provided by Mr. Snowden.

Of course the National Security Agency bugged them!  That is what the National Security Agency does! Continue reading Ed Snowden continues to betray America.

Meet the Seventeen… Erm. “Not-Traitors”… to Eric Holder.

“Treason doth never prosper*…?

And what a fascinating rogues’ gallery they are, too.  Via @GeorgiaTipsheet, meet the seventeen Democrats who voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for his ongoing coverup of the Fast & Furious gunrunning schedule:

Candidate District Opponent
Mike Ross AR-04 Tom Cotton
John Barrow GA-12 TBD
Leonard Boswell IA-03 Tom Latham
Joe Donnelly IN-SEN Richard Mourdock
Ben Chandler KY-06 Andy Barr
Tim Walz MN-01 TBD
Collin Peterson MN-07 TBD
Mike McIntryre NC-07 David Rouzer
Larry Kissell NC-08 TBD
BIll Owens NY-21 Matt Doheny
Kathy Hochul NY-27 Chris Collins
Dan Boren Retiring TBD
Mark Critz PA-12 Keith Rothus
Jason Altmire Retiring
Jim Matheson UT-04 Mia Love
Ron Kind WI-03 TBD
Nick Rahall WV-03 Rick Snuffer

Continue reading Meet the Seventeen… Erm. “Not-Traitors”… to Eric Holder.

#rsrh So. Peter Fonda. Crazy, huh? [NSFW]

Via Drudge, apparently Peter Fonda thinks that the President is a traitor who has inspired Peter Fonda to encourage firearms training in his grandchildren…

Before we go any further: go fuck yourself with a carbon credit folded up spiky, Peter Fonda.  Both for saying that shit, and for saying it in a way that will give your gun-grabber buddies extra ammunition against law-abiding firearms owners.

…because Fonda didn’t like Obama’s reaction to the British Petroleum oil spill.  As in, President Obama did not ritually sacrifice the top leadership of BP on a makeshift altar on a Louisiana beach in order to appease an angry and wounded Mother Ocean.  I have to wonder whether this was just a publicity stunt, though: Fonda’s going to have a movie out on the subject, you see.  God save us from the Activist Left…

Moe Lane

Meet the Fallujah Four.

These would be the four Democrats [Sen. Barbara Boxer (D, CA); Rep. Henry Waxman (D, CA-30); Rep. Dennis Kuchinich (D, OH-10); and Rep. Raul Grijavla (D, AZ-07)] who provided letters of introduction and support to the pro-terrorist groups Code Pink/Global Exchange in 2004. Those groups used these letters to facilitate their delivery over a half a million dollars’ worth of aid to terrorists in Fallujah actively fighting American troops; which is, by the way, treason by any reasonable interpretation of the US Constitution.

Note that I am not accusing these Members of Congress of committing treason, merely the American members of Code Pink and Global Exchange. Rep. Waxman – one of the Congressmen involved – claims that he was not aware that the letter of introduction and support that he provided would be used in support of ‘insurgents*’ (by which Waxman means terrorists shooting at American and allied forces in Iraq); this ignorance is appallingly possible, given that Waxman is a Democrat, and thus defaults to being appallingly pig-ignorant on national security, national defense, and foreign affairs. No word as of yet what the other three Members of Congress were thinking – or, indeed, whether they were thinking at all. No doubt if asked they will likewise deny treasonous intent on their part: it is generally preferable to be thought merely abjectly stupid, instead of guilty of a crime that technically carries the death penalty.

After the fold is a list of the Fallujah Four – and their opponents in the upcoming election. For while being duped by pro-terrorist groups like Code Pink and Global Exchange is not treasonous, neither is it something to reward with a position of trust and responsibility in the United States government. Continue reading Meet the Fallujah Four.

With luck, Lynne Stewart about to get life.

It looks like terrorist lawyer – and you may parse that as you wish – Lynne Stewart may spend more time as an involuntary guest of the government than she first thought:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court upheld on Tuesday a disbarred New York lawyer’s conviction on charges of supporting terrorism by helping an imprisoned blind Egyptian cleric smuggle messages to militant followers, ordered her to prison and told a judge to consider a longer sentence.

The three-judge panel described the 28-month prison sentence given by the trial judge to civil rights lawyer Lynne Stewart, 70, following her 2005 conviction as “strikingly low” and not matching “the seriousness of her criminal conduct.”

The appeals court ordered the trial judge to think about lengthening the sentence, noting that the judge had declined to consider whether Stewart committed perjury when she testified at her trial.

Two thoughts on this:

  1. There’s something… pure… in this hysterical (again, parse as you choose) title found on Indymedia: ‘Fascist Obama Jails Framed Ill People’s Lawyer Lynne Stewart.’  And here I thought that wanting to bomb the United Nations was a nutball-far-extremist-right-fringe fantasy. Live and learn.
  2. This comment by Stewart? “This is a case that is bigger than just me, personally. I am no criminal.” – I actually agree with that; she isn’t, except in the narrowest of senses.  Stewart gave aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States, adhering to him, and helping him wage war against my country.

And that last sentence shouldn’t need to be parsed at all.

Moe Lane

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Retired State Department analyst arrested for spying for Cuba.

[You can guess the subtitle that was here at first.]

The words ‘treason,’ ‘traitor,’ or ‘betrayal’ do not appear anywhere in this narration of the career of a spy for regime which is an avowed enemy of the United States of America. BDS, on the other hand? First paragraph. I’m almost convinced that this was deliberate self-parody on the WaPo’s part, except that I know other people who are equally this dead to irony.

A Slow Burn Becomes a Raging Fire
Disdain for U.S. Policies May Have Led to Alleged Spying for Cuba

He was a courtly State Department intelligence analyst from a prominent family who loved to sail and peruse the London Review of Books. Occasionally, he would voice frustration with U.S. policies, but to his liberal neighbors in Northwest D.C. it was nothing out of the ordinary. “We were all appalled by the Bush years,” one said.

Given that the traitor Myers started his career in 1978, we can only be grateful that he did not reveal the secrets of time travel to the Castro regime.

See also the Weekly Standard, Transterrestrial Musings, and American Thinker; the latter walks through the history of the two traitors for the last thirty years, and is probably the best bet for people wanting to familiarize themselves with events.  For my own part, two observations:

  • If you go by the MICE acronym – Money, Ideology, Conscience, Ego – The Myers’s treason seems rooted mostly in Ego, with the Ideology sort of accumulating on over the years, like grime on an unwashed stoop.  People do like to think that their acts are justified, particularly when they know that they’re not.
  • I think that people should be taking a harder look at the wife, actually.  The traitress Gwendolyn Trebilcock Myers was a staffer for former Senator James Abourezk, who is of course a notorious anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist (‘Zionist lobby rules the US Congress’ edition).  I see no particular reason why I should pretend that folks who write for Counterpunch and who check under their bed at night for Jews are also plausible suspects for being up to their eyeballs in supporting other Hard Left cause celebres – like, say, Castro.  Why did you serve only one term again, Senator?  It certainly wasn’t because you grew tired of ‘boring speeches,’ given your hobbies since then.

Moe Lane

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And to think they considered RFK Jr. for EPA head.

That would have been one fascinating Cabinet meeting. Up to the point where RFK Jr screamed ‘TRAITOR!’ and tried to murder the President.

That wasn’t a joke.

So let’s start off by reviewing the basic statement:

“Clean coal is a dirty lie,” says environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who calls President Barack Obama and other politicians who commit taxpayer money to develop it “indentured servants” of the coal industry.

Let us stop here, for a moment. This isn’t about clean coal, per se. That debate is actually irrelevant to this post. Also irrelevant – for this post – is whether Kennedy meant anything racial by use of the term ‘indentured servant.’ You can decide for yourself whether that was a code phrase for ‘slave.’  But what we have to establish here is that Robert F Kennedy referred to the President of the United States as an indentured servant to the coal industry.  So conceded that it happened?

Good.  Let us move, as they say, on. Continue reading And to think they considered RFK Jr. for EPA head.