Tremors TV show moves from Amazon to SyFy.

It’s still being made, though.

After several sequels, a prequel and a different TV series, Kevin Bacon is returning to the Tremors franchise. After 27 years, a new TV series about the giant, killer sandworms, known as Graboids, is heading to TV and, after some months in limbo, it looks like the project is headed to SyFy. The network is going to make a pilot and, if all goes well, the new take on Tremors will go to series for at least one season.

I noted back in September 2016 that this show was going to be on Amazon (yay!) and would be retconning (boo!). It looks like this version is going to instead going to go see what Bacon’s character is doing now, twenty-five years on: which would mean no real need to retcon.  As one of the people writing on this noted, this is a series about people shooting giant worm monsters. There’s not much in the way of contradictory canon to work around.



Filming has begun:

Intrepid creature hunter Burt Gummer and his son Travis find themselves in a remote hotbed of giant man-eating worms in the newest action-packed entry in the wildly popular Tremors franchise. Currently in production in Cape Town, South Africa, this outrageous horror comedy finds the pair at a remote research station where they come under attack by what Burt fears could be weaponized Graboids. Tremors 6 will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD in 2018 from Universal 1440 Entertainment, a production entity of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

This, by the way, is one of the reasons why I want to get the DVD hookup to work in the exercise room: the Tremors series calls to me on DVD, and watching while exercising is the perfect combo. Hmm. And maybe Eight-Legged Freaks, which is a movie that is infinitely better than it has any right to be…

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*Also* in the Mail: The Tremors Attack Pack.

I picked up the Tremors Attack Pack, which includes the first four Tremors movies (at least three of which I actually want to see!) because I was in Best Buy and I said Lo! I wish to purchase that movie, or even a collection of those movies!  Alas, Best Buy couldn’t be arsed to keep a copy on stock.  Fortunately, Amazon could – and they make it really easy to order from your phone.

…This is, like, symbolic of our entire modern economy, huh? (more…)


So, the Tremors TV series is going to get done by Amazon.

I would be swearing right now, except that it’s being produced by Kevin Bacon (who will, naturally, also starring in it).  That’s the good news.  The contentious news is that they’re going to be calling upon the great god Retcon, apparently:

As many of you may already know, Tremors has continued to exist in the form of straight-to-DVD productions. Unfortunately, Bacon never returned for any of them. Instead, Fred Ward and Michael Gross would make several appearances. Bacon’s character in the movie was touched upon in a quick life update, but nothing would evolve from it. In this new series, Bacon plans on putting the stories of the DVDs aside.



Movie of the Week: Tremors.

The sequels were… well, there are people who like them. But Tremors was fun, so we’ll replace The Call of Cthulhu with it. It’s all Mythos anyway.


Great. What’s the visual equivalent of an earworm?

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds, I’ve got Tremors stuck in my head. Ever see it? It was one of those movies where a bunch of actors did a better job than they were really supposed to with a script that was just a touch better than it had any right being and a plot that was remarkably fresh for being in a can for forty years. I say this with all love and affection: it’s rare that I get to see a movie that combines the Cthulhu Mythos (sorta) with automatic weapons fire.

The sequels, of course, pretty much sucked… oh, God help us all, but they made it into a television show.

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