Ooh, that *scary* Barack Obama’s gonna go after the GOP tonight!

Now, this is rich:

Here’s what we know about President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night: It will include some news — as in new challenges aimed at Congress — and enough rhetoric about economic growth and job creation to sound familiar to most Americans who worry about continued 8 percent unemployment.

The president’s speech, described by White House officials as an expansion of January’s inauguration theme of “opportunity for all,” will kick off a week of campaign-style Obama travel designed to pressure GOP lawmakers to bend to the wishes of [WHAT THE DEMOCRATS CLAIM IS] a majority of Americans — or risk their election-year wrath.

Yeah, I had to fix that article a bit: I’m a little surprised, though.  Usually Real Clear Politics is admirably even-handed about these sorts of things.  Maybe the author is new? (more…)

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