Tweet of the Day, There’s A Lot To Unpack In This Bigfoot Hunting Season Bill edition.

Including “They have Bigfoot in Oklahoma?” I thought those guys were strictly Pacific Northwest. Also: I think this is funny because Bigfoot isn’t real. If we really did have some, it’d be a tragedy waiting to happen.

Via @BrianFaughnan.

Tweet of the Day, Do-Doo-Dur Disney+ BORK BORK BORK Edition.

This is the good stuff. The pure quill. The gold standard against which everything else is measured.

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Tweet of the Day, This Muppets 1984 Concept Has Potential edition.

I mean, it’s totally [expletive deleted] up, and a very rough concept at this point. But I’m not saying no, either. There may be something there that people could work with.

Via Not The Bee.

Tweet of the Day, I Read @SeaLionPress Generally edition.

I would, given that Sea Lion Press is a publisher dedicated to alternate history. The article below is also interesting in its own right; there’s an interesting counterfactual there that’s not normally examined when it comes to the French Revolution. I don’t always agree with Sea Lion’s stuff, but it’s usually worth reading.