Tweet of the Day, It Is Totally A Butt edition.

We care about the important questions, here at

Via @EsotericCD.

Tweet of the Day, I Have A Different Reaction To Nerf’s Murph edition.

It is not a thing of horror to me.

It is a thing that can be consumed. Consumed in the whispering fire of a hungry full-auto Nerf machine gun. And, oh, yes: play shall be unleashed. So much play…

Tweet of the Day, Who Am *I* To Argue With The Man? edition.

I can’t wait for this quote to show up on my Amazon Author’s page. And I used all of the ambassador’s names in the quote, too. Because


Tweet of the Day, Fortunately, This Never Happened To Me edition.

I come from an artistic family. One sister is a graphic designer, another danced, and my mom does… well, everything, really. Both of my kids are on the art track, and that’s cool. That’s real cool.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t see this comic’s point.

Tweet-thread of the Day, Speaking As A Parent, I Am Appalled… edition.

…that the Mouse was generating these kinds of S&P notes on Gravity Falls. I watched this show with my kids, and it is absolutely absurd that Disney was this frantic over ‘crud,’ particularly since the end of the show involved insane chaos gods showing up. I swear to God: some of these people must be real fun at parties.

Moe Lane

PS GRAVITY FALLS was a great show.


Tweet of the Day, BEHOLD! The Movie That Will Destroy Social Media, Once And For All edition.

It’s very exciting.

It’ll end with people dueling with chainsaws, I betcha. I cannot wait to see the carnage. The neon purple-pink carnage…

Tweet of the Day, The Surprising/Non-Surprising Video Game Forgery Scandal edition.

Surprising because I didn’t know there was a video game forgery scandal.

Non-surprising, once I found out that some of these games can go for a hundred thousand bucks. Yeah, you’re gonna get forgeries when that happens. Whether or not you’re also gonna get a specific person abusing your trust networks is another question; but in general? Yeah, you can expect that too.