Tweet of the Day, NOOOOOOO NOT JEANS GUY! edition.

This outrage will not stand.

Come on. If they still did CCG versions of shows Jeans Guy would have his own card! That’s enough to make him canonical.

Tweet of the Day, Screw It, I’m Gonna Go Commit War Crimes For The Gipper edition.

I have my limits. Currently downloading so I can download Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War ASAP. And I’m not even good at shooters.

Tweet of the Day, If This Is True Then It’s Absolute Bullsh*ttery edition.

I think it’s true: but the problem is, it’s deep in Too Bad To Be True territory. The short version is, Alan Dean Foster did a press conference today with the SFWA about how he’s reportedly not getting paid royalties on books that Disney now prints (the Star Wars stuff, basically). According to them, the reason he isn’t getting paid is because Disney bought ‘the rights, but not the obligations.’ Which… makes no sense. If the contract says Foster gets paid royalties, he gets paid royalties.

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Tweet of the Day, This Penny Arcade Strip Is All Too Real edition.

I showed it to my eldest, you see. And he absolutely and on the spot had to go watch Ghost Rider clips. And he howled at how awful those clips were. Oh, how he howled.

Tweet of the Day, I Am A Knight Without Armor In A Savage Land edition.

I see that map, and I see… madness. Madness, and discordance, and a world where people inexplicably think turkey gravy is its own side dish.

God help me. God help us all.

Tweet of the Day, Excuse Me, But I Thought This Was AMERICA edition.

(H/T: @BrianFaughnan) If they don’t come to some kind of accommodation here, then what is this guy even paying taxes for, anyway?

Read the article, and you’ll see: there is apparently an ongoing demand for geothermal-fried chicken. Yellowstone should rethink its strategy. Perhaps one of the smaller vents could be repurposed for local-retail use? I imagine that it’d be a hit with tourists, and then everybody can stay safe.

Moe Lane

PS: Dagnabbit, now I want fried chicken for lunch.

Tweet of the Day, I Questioned The Used Of The Word ‘Taken’ Here… edition

…but when I clicked on the link I was forced to concede that, yes, this case keeps getting weirder and weirder. And, dare I say it? The elements are proving to be steadily less… savory.