Tweet of the Day, How To Critically Fail Your Engineering (Security Systems) Roll edition.

Via @Chaosium_Inc. Wait for it…

Tweet-thread of the Day, This Is A Land Of Zoom-Wolves Now edition.

It’s been dull here. Elsewhere…

Via @SonnyBunch. And it goes on. Oh, indeed, but it goes on.

Tweet of the Day, Manu Will Take Care Of It edition.

Ain’t gonna lie: I’m waiting on lunch to see how this plays out.

Because Manu is coming to take care of it. And I don’t think he’s happy to be visiting, either.

Via @UrsulaV.

Tweet of the Day, These Were Literally My Thoughts About Iron Harvest edition.

All the way down the line.

There’s just something about Iron Harvest… okay, okay, it’s the steam-powered mecha.

Tweet of the Day, I Would FREAK If It Happened To My Kid edition.

Seriously, it’s really, really good that they captioned this with the disclaimer that the kid is fine. I don’t think I could watch it, otherwise. As it was… that’d be a hell of an amusement park ride.


Tweet of the Day, Let Me Commit Rank Cooking Heresy, Apparently edition.

My buddy Joe Cunningham’s cornbread recipe. Yes, yes, I am aware that there are Forbidden Things in it. Still doesn’t sound half bad, honestly. And we got everything except the Cajun seasoning, which I can pick up tomorrow. Maybe I’ll make it part of the Goodreads Giveaway Drive?

Tweet of the Day, The Best Part Is The Ending edition.

Not the ‘winning the lottery twice’ bit.

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