I suspect the people putting up fences all along my row of houses, but can’t prove it! Technician coming tomorrow! Or Saturday! Roll those dice tomorrow!

But that’s OK! We have phones! Today I learned how to USB tether phones to computers! I also learned how to creatively make it clear to my children how there are to be no extraneous downloads until the network’s fixed! Oh, and I also interrupted all of this to get a callback from Xfinity, who wanted me to find out where my cable was! I told the man three times that I didn’t know, didn’t care, and that I was actually in the middle of patching all of this so why not let the nice technician – you know, the one coming Saturday! Or tomorrow! – figure all of that out because I don’t have that training in that particular skill set!

I don’t know how many times he heard that, because the connection was awful! Which is why I didn’t start swearing! But it all works, so it’s all good!

…How was your day?