Calling it early today.

One of my kids is sick — luckily, he got to the bathroom in time — and the other one thinks that he might be.  And I’m feeling sniffly myself, and my wife is tired, and it’s exactly the right amount of time from Monday, when my youngest would have gotten exposed to the viral stew which is your average county-wide kid’s program. We may not be going anywhere this weekend, after all.

So… music, and then bed, I think.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, and we had to whittle our own spears…

…and hunt down large, ill-tempered prehistoric badgers for our food. Then eat them, raw, because we hadn’t discovered fire yet. At least, that’s what I did: Rand Simberg was probably one of those early adopters of flame technology. He has the look…

What? Sorry, I was reacting to this story about a thirteen-year-old kid who carried around a Sony Walkman for a week, all anthropologist-like. His conclusion?  It’s a big, heavy, clumsy device that sucks up batteries like nobody’s business and eats tapes.  Here’s a quick news flash: we knew that at the time, too. That’s why people went out and invented the MP3 player in the first place: if the Sony Walkman hadn’t been ultimately a big pain in the neck, we wouldn’t have bothered. I mean, really… 1979 was the year that Alien and the first Star Trek movie came out. We had some idea that you could make the blessed things smaller.


Moe Lane

PS: No, I have no idea why this harmless and innocuous article got up my nose like that.  Maybe it’s because I never knew until now what the metal switch was for, either.

PPS: This thing with the metal switch may have been a common situation.

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