Of all the things that I don’t miss…

…from The Life, having to fly regularly is at the top of the freaking list. Yup, I’m reminded of this by the United thing.  Note that I’m calling it a ‘thing’ because the story’s very new, and very new stories have a certain tendency to get more nuanced as the days go on. So you want to be careful about that.

Note, however, that one issue here that’s getting lost in the shuffle is that airlines routinely overbook flights. Given how joyful and serene the average flying experience is these days, it’s a minor miracle that flights manage to take off without anybody bleeding over a seat. Maybe that’s why the TSA still keeps looking for weapons in our luggage…


Tweet of the Day, THIS WILL END IN TEARS edition.

United Airlines is… likely to regret charging people to use its overhead bins.

The new ‘pricing tiers’ won’t happen this year, but God help the first flight that combines this policy and any delay whatsoever in takeoff or landing.  You’re gonna see people riot who don’t normally riot.  They probably won’t set fire to the plane itself, but they’re gonna riot. And maybe not even God would intervene if the AC cuts out while it happens…

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