A look at the horrific, graphic Univision Fast & Furious excerpt.

The below is not the entire Univision Operation Fast & Furious expose: it’s merely about ten minutes of it.  Ten very graphic, very infuriating, and very embarrassing ten minutes of it.  Don’t watch it if you have a physical/mental problem with seeing people being murdered on-screen, and for real:


(see also this ABC article)

It’s a useful primer for what happened: which is to say, Mexican drug cartels decided to buy guns from US shops and the US government (ATF Special Agent William Newell* is mentioned by name, but he’s not the only one caught up in this mess) decided to not only let them; they decided to track illegal gun sales by waiting to see when and where guns known to have been sold illegally showed up at Mexican crime scenes.

Please pause for a moment to think about it.  And possibly participate in a calming exercise. Continue reading A look at the horrific, graphic Univision Fast & Furious excerpt.

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…that I spent the time period from 7 to 8 being heavily impressed with Univision’s coverage of Operation Fast & Furious, despite the fact that I don’t speak Spanish and I was counting on people doing running translations for me.  I will have to sit down and watch the whole thing again once it’s subtitled, but this is my first takeaway: Univision made a compelling case that the US government is stonewalling any kind of meaningful investigation into what the hell happened, and it did so all the more powerfully by not taking a partisan political side.

But I will. I am with Paul Ryan on this:  FIRE ERIC HOLDER.  NOW.  And note that we’ve all been saying this for over a year at this point.

#rsrh The missing pieces of the WaPo’s ‘fact-checking’ of Obama’s Operation Fast & Furious remarks.

It’s a miracle that we got three Pinocchios out of them, frankly.  Anyway, here are three things missing from the WaPo critique:

  1. Operation Wide Receiver attempted to track the guns that had been allowed to be sold to suspected gun-runners; Operation Fast & Furious did not.
  2. Operation Wide Receiver was done in cooperation with the Mexican government; Operation Fast & Furious did not*.
  3. Several hundred Mexicans (minimum) also died because of Operation Fast & Furious.

These are all significant details – and the lack of mention of Mexican casualties is particularly egregious, given that Obama’s original lie was made in a Latino forum hosted by a Spanish-language television network. Poor form, Washington Post: poor form.  C-, and do better next time.

Moe Lane

*The source for those two differences? Eric Holder.