#rsrh US Secret Service under Obama continues to live down to its new reputation.

At first, I thought that this was funny:

A U-Haul being used by the secret service for Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to the Labor Day Rally in Detroit on Monday was stolen out of a hotel parking lot Sunday morning.

(H/T Gateway Pundit)  But it’s not actually funny.  It’s alarming, if not downright nerve-wracking.  If the Secret Service can’t even notice when one of its own vehicles gets stolen, what precisely guarantees that they’ll notice if something gets added to one of their vehicles?

Sorry* if that ruins the joke for folks.

Moe Lane

*That’s what’s known as a ‘polite’ sorry.  Which is to say, a fib.


Comparing the Colombian Prostitute Scandal to Operation Fast & Furious.

As in, comparing the reaction.

So, we now what the priorities are when it comes to American law enforcement officials acting badly.  Secret Service agents who patronize, then refuse to pay, Colombian prostitutes?  People end up getting fired, investigated, and generally have their careers blighted, within days.  DEA/DOJ officials who put cop-killing (and Mexican-civilian-killing) guns into the hands of Mexican narco-terrorist gangs? No firings.  The bare minimum of non-Congressional investigations. Certainly no career blighting.  It’s an… interesting… contrast, especially since nobody died at the hands of government fools in the first case and quite a lot of people died at the hands of government fools in the second. (more…)

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