Pretty sweet sweep: USA takes all three women’s 100m hurdles.

That’s pretty cool.  Brianna Rollins got the gold in the women’s 100m hurdle, Nia Ali got silver, Kristi Castlin got bronze. Happened yesterday, but it’s not every day that the USA or anybody else gets all three medals in an event, so: nice.

I should note, by the way: NBC is kind of shooting itself in the foot by not making their YouTube videos embeddable. I went with the BBC link instead.


To understand Iraq in 2014, look no further than the USA in 2008.

The Wall Street Journal, in the process of mentioning just how badly Barack Obama’s administration urinated away years of hard work in Iraq, mentions this minor bit of too little, too late*:

…at the end of April, the Pentagon dispatched a team of special-operations personnel to assess the capabilities of Iraq’s security forces, a defense official said.

The assessment they brought back was bleak: Sunni Army officers had been forced out, overall leadership had declined, the Iraqi military wasn’t maintaining its equipment and had stopped conducting rigorous training. The response in Washington, summed up by a senior U.S. official, was: “Whoa, what the hell happened here?”

Permit me to answer that:


(Via 270 to Win.)

This was the goal. This was what the Democrats ran on. This is what they wanted, and now they have it. Don’t look at me: I voted for the other guys.

Moe Lane

*This has been a constant theme of this administration.  It’s a natural byproduct of a situation where we have a bunch of people who have an inflated opinion of both their competence, and their ability to improvise.  Alas, we simply have to grin and bear it until January 2017…

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#rsrh ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ (Fife and drum)

A …well-known fact, but perhaps not often contemplated one: that song was originally written to mock Americans.

True, lots of people have mocked Americans over the years – oddly enough, they tended to come to a bad end afterward.

Probably just bad luck.


US/Canada gold medal hockey game about to start. #rsrh

3:15 PM.

This is when I regret not having cable.

Moe Lane



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